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Bubblegum crisis box (Import)

MegaTokyo 2032 AD: like the mythical Phoenix, MegaTokyo rises from the ashes of a devastating earthquake. In the twisted canyons of the megalopolis the Knight Sabres, a small band of high-tech mercenaries, fight a lonely battle against the evil GENOM corporation and its sinister android 'Boomer'.

Blow Up (Episodes 1-3): The Knight Sabres are hired by the USSD to recover the 'black box', a device which can remotely control their particle beam satellites. However, Quincy, the chairman of GENOM, and his devious assistant Mason have other ideas. When the Knight Sabres thwart Mason's plan, he makes it his personal mission to have them eliminated, culminating in an all-out battle atop the GENOM tower...

Largo (Episodes 4-6): A mysterious black car is hunting down motorcycle gangs, but when one of the Knight Sabers eats asphalt, the hunter becomes the hunted. Then a group of desperate women escape from an orbital facility and crash-land their stolen shuttle outside of Mega Tokyo. Is there a connection between them and a string of “Vampire” murders? Finally, a mysterious figure known as Largo is out to discredit the Knight Sabers using look-alike Boomers – and he seems to know altogether too much about them!

Minor Wars (Episodes 7-8): Vision, a reclusive rock star, is coming out of retirement - to avenge the death of her parents and sisters by killing, amongst other people, Quincy, chairman of GENOM. When the Knight Sabers get hired to protect one of her targets, things get very complicated. Then, a young would-be Vid Reporter decides to expose the Knight Sabers after they smash her favourite camera. Fortunately, for her, she's the niece of the Chief of Police. Can the Knight Sabers protect their secret and prevent a lunatic from blowing up the AD police building, all at the same time?

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Genre:Anime Tecknat
Ljud:Japanska Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 Engelska Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
Språk:Japanska Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
Textning: Ej svensk text, Engelsk text
Längd:387 minuter
År:Information saknas
Inga skådespelare angivna,
Katsushito Akiyama,

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