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Depeche Mode - Devotional (2-disc)

Directed by the innovative photographer and director and longterm Depeche Mode visual collaborator, Anton Corbijn, this hugely impressive and visually stunning film perfectly captures the essence of one of Britain's most pioneering acts at the height of their powers. On its release in 1993, `Devotional' was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Long Form Music Video.

The `Devotional' 2 disc DVD is a compilation of the band's live performances recorded in Frankfurt and Barcelona on the band's `Devotional', world tour.

The performance includes renditions of Depeche Mode classics, 'Personal Jesus', 'Walking In My Shoes', 'Enjoy The Silence' and 'Never Let Me Down' with exclusive bonus tracks, 'Halo' and 'Policy of Truth'.

`Devotional' is a beautifully filmed document of one of the band's most lavish and ambitious shows ever. With an epic and innovative stage design and unique visuals, all produced by Anton Corbjin, `Devotional' is more than just a live show - it's a journey not to be forgotten!

Disc One:

Devotional 94mins
A performance filmed by Anton Corbijn
Higher Love 07:18
World In My Eyes 06:01
Walking In My Shoes 06:38
Behind The Wheel 05:35
Stripped 05:05
Condemnation 03:55
Judas 04:58
Mercy In You 04:15
I Feel You 06:56
Never Let Me Down Again 04:46
Rush 04:37
In Your Room 07:27
Personal Jesus 05:40
Enjoy The Silence 06:30
Fly On The Windscreen 05:11
Everything Counts 05:28

Bonus tracks from the Devotional performance.

Halo 4:40
Policy Of Truth 5:06

Disc Two:

Devotional live projections
Walking In My Shoes 6:21
Stripped 5:01
Condemnation 3:43
Judas 5:38
I Feel You 6:50
Never Let Me Down Again 4:45
In Your Room 6:29
Enjoy The Silence 7:30

Promotional videos

I Feel You 04:30
Walking In My Shoes 03:30
Condemnation (Paris Mix) 04:57
In Your Room 04:48
One Caress (US Video) 04:00
Condemnation (Live ) 3:11

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Bild:Information saknas
Ljud:Engelska Dolby Digital 5.1 Engelska Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
Språk:Engelska Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
Textning: Ej svensk text, Engelsk text
Längd:206 minuter
År:Information saknas
Depeche Mode Rockumentary
Interview with Anton Corbijn
Tour back projections gallery
Six remastered promo videos
Inga skådespelare angivna,
Anton Corbijn,

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