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Blue crush - Special edition

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Life for Anne Marie has been one long Pipe dream. She's about to make that dream a reality if she can keep from drowning in her own fear. As the clock ticks down to the Pipe Masters surf competition on the North Shore of Oahu, more is at stake for Anne Marie than the pressure of competing in one of the world's most dangerous, aggressive and male-dominated sports. She must first win a dreaded contest within. Sharing a beach shack with her best friends Eden and Lena, and her rebellious younger sister Penny, Anne Marie lives for the adrenaline-charged surf scene, rising before dawn every day to charge the Pipeline's deadly waves. The friends eke out a living as maids in a luxury resort hotel. The humble job pays the bills and lets them keep their focus on the water. But things change when a pro football team with slovenly habits and fat wallets checks in. Like it or not, Anne Marie starts losing her balance--and finding it--as she falls for quarterback Matt Tollman. Suddenly there are options: trophy wife or trophy winner? But there's really only one choice for someone like Anne Marie. Matt knows it, too--that's why he likes her. And when Anne Marie faces a paralyzing moment of truth on the biggest day of her life, Matt is there along with Lena, Eden and Penny, to help her remember why the goal that has driven her for so long matters so much.

Pris: 10:-
Genre:Begagnade Drama
Ljud:Engelska Dolby Digital 5.1 Engelska DTS 5.1
Språk:Engelska DTS 5.1
Textning: Ej svensk text , Engelsk text
Längd:105 minuter
År:Information saknas
Audio commentary with director John Stockwell
Behind-the-scenes footage
Deleted scenes with director's commentary
Making-of "The Female Surfing Revolution" featurette
"Wipeout! The World Of Surfing" featurette
"If I Could Fall In Love" music video by Lenny Kravitz DVD-ROM
Chris Taloa,Kala Alexander,Kate Bosworth,Kaupena Miranda,Matthew Davis,Michelle Rodriguez,Mika Boorem,Ruben Tejada,Sanoe Lake,
John Stockwell,

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