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Big Momma's House 2

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Martin Lawrence returns as cross-dressing undercover fed Malcolm Turner in this good-natured sequel to the 2000 comedy hit. This time, Malcolm is working a desk job because his wife (Nia Long) wants him safe. But when his old partner is killed, Malcolm just has to dust off the momma suit and take a nanny job with a family whose workaholic dad (Tom Fuller) is the chief suspect. The kids all have problems: Kevin (Zachary Levi) likes jumping off high places and eating sand; Carrie (Chloe Moretz) needs help with her cheerleading routine; the sullen 15-year old, Molly (Kat Dennings), is turning to punk rock to get the attention of an older boy; and the pet chihuahua is pining for his old love. Big Momma Malcolm is in a position to help all of them, as well as solve the case,
but meanwhile his jealous (and very pregnant wife) is on the rampage, thinking her man is off with another woman. There's something wondrous about the sight of Lawrence dressed up as a big old wizened, sassy nanny punching out bad guys, zipping around on a jet ski, splashing mud on gorgeous models at a ritzy spa, or running in slow motion along the beach in an oversize bathing suit--he seems to be
having a ball. John Whitesell directs with a sure hand, letting the comedy flow freely and easily without gross-out humor or cheap shots, making this film succeed as both raucous farce and genuinely heartwarming family comedy

Pris: 10:-
Genre:Begagnade Komedi
Ljud:Engelska Dolby Digital 5.1 Engelska
Textning: Ej svensk text , Engelsk text
Längd:99 minuter
År:Information saknas
Feature commentary by director John Whitesell, producer David Friendly and actor Zachary Levi
12 deleted/extended scenes with optional Director's commentary

Big Momma's Secrets Featurette
Martin Lawrence ,Nia Long ,Marisol Nichols ,Chloe Grace Moretz,
John Whitesell,

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